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Teach Your Baby To Be A Good Sleeper eBook

eBook Title:

Teach Your Baby To Be A Good Sleeper

Brief Description:

You will face many issues as a parent but undoubtedly sleep is likely to be one of the most important and will probably be fairly near the top of your list, at least for the first few years anyway.
Your child sleeping through the night is a hurdle that most every parent eagerly anticipates. However, achieving this milestone is not as predictable as other developmental achievements such as smiling, teething, sitting up or starting to eat solids.


Initially, you will wonder whether your new baby will be a good sleeper. You will, no doubt, have discussed sleep with friends or relatives you know who already have babies or toddlers and you will most likely have heard strories of how their children were sleeping through the night after just a few weeks, or perhaps what a `nightmare' some of them have had getting their babies and toddlers to sleep at night. Little wonder then that you will look upon this subject with some trepidation.

Inside this product you will discover

  • How babies sleep - divided into sections from 0-36 months

  • Babies sleep phases & rhythms

  • Why your baby won't sleep

  • If your baby will ever settle

  • Whether you are doing something wrong

  • Bedtime routines

  • 30 ways to get your baby to sleep

  • Infant sleep training methods including The Crying-Down method; The Core Night method; The Controlled Crying method.

  • What the sleep experts say

  • How parents can cope with sleepless nights

  • Possible medical problems

    And much, much more

    Whether you are pregnant and wish to be forearmed with information about your baby's sleep patterns, or you are already a parent and are starting to hit problems, this excellent product is packed with tried and tested tactics to have your baby sleeping beautifully and with amazing speed and ease in no time.

    Can you afford to miss out on this great info?

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