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DIY Guide to Garden Decking eBook

eBook Title:

DIY Guide to Garden Decking

Brief Description:

Do you wish you had an area in your garden where you could sit and relax? Have you seen the multitude of horticulture programmes on the television showing off their beautiful gardens and patio areas.
Here's the problem! Not everyone has a wonderfully flat, weed free and green lawn to be proud of. Most of us have day jobs and can't afford to spend all day in the garden keeping it in the pristine condition we would like it to be.
You can make a distinct improvement to your garden in just a couple of weekends by adding an area of wooden decking. This will create a focal point that you can use as a seating area, display flower and pot arrangements, use as a barbeque area, the list goes on...


Iíll be honest, the reason I built a decked seating area was so I could get rid of our unsightly lawn. After 7 years of neglect due to other projects inside the house, it was finally time to turn my attention to the garden.
The decision was made to dig up the whole of the lawn and start again. This may seem a little drastic for some of you, but my garden was in a terrible state.
It needed a major overhaul to make the most of the area we had available.
I used to think that people with decking areas had huge gardens and it was more of a status symbol than a part of the garden that anyone can enjoy. You see my garden is very small, but by taking the time to design and try out different ideas I was able to create an area of peace and tranquility.
The ideas and methods inside my ebook can be applied to gardens of all shapes and sizes, the only limit is your imagination. Each operation has been broken down into very simple steps so that you should be able avoid most of the potential common problems.
The sections covered are:
1 Safety
2 Tools Tools you will need Optional tools
3 Design
4 Cost Decking Framework Base Purchasing
5 Base
6 Frame work Perimeter construction Wooden leg posts Weed control Inner frame-work
7 Decking boards
8 Skirting
9 Preservation
10 Additional notes
11 Supplements Cutting list Design sheet

Through detailed descriptions, photographs and illustrations you will be able to give yourself the garden you want with the minimum of effort.

Payment Details
Price Only 7.95 † USD

9 6 1 2 3 4 5 8 7

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